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The SNO-GO S2 Kit transforms your existing SNO-GO bike into a buttery smooth carving machine and allows for ski interchangeability between various SNO-GO Skis. The S2 Kit components include the S2 Tower Bracket, redesigned stomp pads for ski replacement, and new hardware. The S2 Kit takes any existing SNO-GO bike to a higher level of performance by increasing stiffness and improving precision. Think of the S2 Kit much like the DIN setting on alpine ski bindings. If you’re going to ride harder and faster in more varied terrain, the rigidity and tension of the SNO-GO S.L.A.T. system must also have increased tolerances to accommodate the greater demands you put on the bike.

*The S2 Kit is intended for upgrading SNO-GO models sold prior to October 1, 2020.

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S2 Kit


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